New Cancer Therapies

The Developmental Therapeutics Programme at the Hammersmith Hospital is a multi-disciplinary service established to care for patients with solid and haematologic malignancies who are looking to access experimental therapies to fight cancer.

We have more than 30 clinical trials open at any given time. We have developed a number of targeted treatments for cancer: drugs that kill tumours without harming the normal tissues. Furthermore, we are also a centre of excellence for the development of immunotherapy and have been the first centre in Europe to offer it as a curative treatment in patients with liver cancer that can be treated with surgery.

The CTRT supports the Hammersmith drug development programme by helping more patients to access new therapies. CTRT funds have helped us to discover more drugs for patients with cancer by helping to support the salary costs of researchers, nurses and trial practitioners at the Hammersmith Hospital. They have also partially funded the laboratory work that helps us understand how certain drugs stop working in patients with cancer so that we can find new ways to improve outcomes.