DIY Fundraising

Do good your own way! However you’d like to fundraise, we are here to support you. If you’re looking for inspiration to get started, check out our ideas below. Or if you’d like to talk through an idea with our team, just email

Games Night


Choose a classic such as Monopoly or if you have a console, play against friends online. Charge to enter the tournament and battle for the winner

Golf Tournament


Hold a competition at your local golf club and ask players to pay an additional charity fee to support CTRT, or add the fee to an already scheduled competition

Give It Up


Are you addicted to chocolate? Can’t get through the day without a coffee? Commit to giving it up for a month and ask friends and family to sponsor you



Whether it’s for the World Cup, Love Island or Strictly Come Dancing, choose an event and hold a sweepstake and feel the suspense as you watch to see the winner

Donate In Celebration


Ask your loved ones to donate to CTRT instead of buying a gift for your birthday, anniversary or other celebration

Guessing Games


Challenge people to guess the number of sweets in a jar or the name of the teddy for a small donation

Craft Sale


Love to knit, sew or make cards? Why not use your talents to sell your creations to raise funds for CTRT

Christmas Jumper Day


Wear a festive jumper at work or school for the day in exchange for a donation. The glitterier and brighter the better!

Odd Jobs


Offer to do odd jobs for family and friends in exchange for a donation. Lawn mowing, dog walking or ironing, the possibilities are endless

Pumpkin Carving


A classic autumn favourite but why not turn it into a competition?! Charge for entries and crown your champion with the best design

Fitness Challenge


100 sit ups a day for a month? a 24 hour cycle? Why not challenge yourself to push your limits while raising sponsorship for your hard work

Quiz Night


Get those brains whirring and gather your friends for a quiz. Charge a small donation to come along and see who knows the most random facts!

Please find below a link to our Enthuse page where you can set up your own fundraising page to help collect donations for whatever fundraising event you choose to do. If you need help setting up your page, please do get in touch