A Very Chilly Swim!

On the 15th July 2023, Ben, Ant and Sam took on a 3km open water swimming challenge within the Arctic Circle from Finland to Sweden.

This unique challenge involved swimming not only across the border between Finland and Sweden but also across the Arctic Circle and across two time zones!!

Due to the time difference between the two countries, the team would time travel, beginning their swim at five minutes past midnight in Finland and thanks to their speedy swimming, arrived back in Sweden late on the night before they began.

These fantastic efforts were completed to raise funds in memory of Ben’s mum who very sadly passed away in September 2020 after an 18 month fight with an extremely rare uterine cancer. An incredible £5,000 was raised from their superb efforts towards our gynaecological research and we send a very big thank you to everyone who donated so generously.

“It was an unforgettable experience and we are absolutely delighted with all of the donations from our friends and family, everyone was extremely supportive of the cause”

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