London Virtual Marathon 2020: Nathan’s Story

Before, during and after!

It was amazing!

Because of the heavy rain, I reluctantly decided that my intended route from the Hospital to Stevenage would not be safe so with my support riders we found a suitable route

It may sound a bit cliché but what an emotional roller coaster. In places, I was laughing and in places, I was literally crying.

The app that was hastily put together was brilliant. I had the audio off as I like to listen to music as I run, but there were little bits of commentary by Paula Radcliffe and Steve Cram as well as the crowd cheering at particular moments which related the run to where I would have been having I been in London.

The stories in the later stages were inspiring and emotive, particularly that of the first Marathon finish.

I had trained to 18 miles non-stop and to 20 miles with a short rest.

I ran the entire way at more-or-less the same pace, finishing in 5hr 12min which, given it was my first one, the adverse weather and lack of crowd spurring me on, I think is reasonable.

Fortunately, I had three friends escorting me on bikes, keeping me hydrated and supplying encouragement.

I expected it to be physically demanding but the mental and emotional demand was equal to the physical one.

I don’t know if I hit “the wall” but at 20 miles I was doubting whether I could finish. Then Steve Cram interrupted my 90’s dance music to say that I only had 10km left to do, which helped spur me on to the finish.

I am still a bit sore, in particular my ankles and knees, although they give me grief anyway. Nothing that a bit of a rest, a hot bath and Tiger Balm won’t sort out.

I feel privileged to be able to run for CTRT,