Gut microbiome & melanoma


PRIMM (Predicting Response to Immunotherapy for Melanoma With Gut Microbiome and Metabolomics) is an international, collaborative study led by Dr Nathan, consultant dermatologist Dr Veronique Bataille and Professor Tim Spector at King’s College. Together they are looking at the influence of the gut microbiome on the effectiveness and toxicity of immunotherapy in melanoma patients.

CTRT has also part-funded Dr Karla Lee’s PhD on the role of the gut microbiome in melanoma patients receiving immunotherapy. Karla and her collaborators have shown relationships between the gut microbiome and response to immunotherapy in a number of patient cohorts across Europe. The interaction is complex with different bugs associated with cancer outcomes in different patient populations.

Karla has gone on to analyse changes in circulating proteins associated with these interactions and hopes to be able to make recommendations on dietary advice for patients receiving immunotherapy that could improve their likelihood of benefiting from treatment.

Karla has just submitted her PhD thesis to her examiners. Her highly successful project is reflected by her publications listed below:

A picture of cells taken up close under green light
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