Professor Marcia Hall

Ovarian cancer

Consultant Medical Oncologist


CTRT Chair Lead Clinician for Research and Development at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre.

Joined in 2013.

Professor Hall was educated at Cheltenham Ladies College (St Austins 1975-81).  Trained in medicine at Guy’s Hospital Medical School – q1986.  Completed PhD at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now CRUK) working on cyclins and kinases.

Consultant in medical oncology Mount Vernon Cancer Centre with the main interest in gynaecological cancers but interest in clinical research occasionally leads to different tumour types. Professor Hall has been the principal investigator of many clinical trials at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre relating to gynaecological cancers. She is also Chief Investigator of the CeNtuRIOn, CoRINth, and RaNGO trials (nationally). In 2018 she joined translational oncology at Brunel University where explores the role of circulating cancer-associated cells in gynaecological cancers.

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