Dr. Ehsan Ghorani

Consultant Medical Oncologist & Clinical Senior Lecturer in Cancer Immunology


Joined in 2022.

Dr. Ehsan Ghorani is a CRUK Clinician Scientist and leads the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Unit within the Division of Cancer at Imperial College London. He completed a PhD on lung cancer immunology with Profs. Sergio Quezada and Charles Swanton at UCL followed by postdoctoral work with Prof. Rafi Ahmed at the Emory Vaccine Centre. His research focusses on understanding how the immune system interacts with cancer and how this knowledge can be translated for patient benefit. This work has contributed to several key discoveries and changed the way patients are treated globally. He has published highly cited work in leading journals, won numerous national and international prizes, served on international grant review committees and is an inventor on two patents.