We’ve gathered this selection of event ideas together to inspire teachers, parents and school children. This is by no means a definitive list, feel free to come up with ideas of your own. If you have a really good one, why not tell us and we’ll add it below!

Spelling Bee

A great way to learn new words and raise money at the same time. Look through the dictionary and come up with a list of difficult and complicated words to test yourself and others on. You could also give your spelling bee a theme. For example, you can learn words to do with science and cancer research. Each participant pays a fee to take part.

Changing rooms

Transform your classroom into a completely different place – an underwater city, a creepy castle or a space ship. Pupils (and teachers!) then pay a fee to come to school dressed in the style of that particular theme.

Come fly with me

Everyone in your class makes a kite then flies it in the local park one afternoon. Each pupil pays £1 to take part in the kite-flying event.

Make a snake

Ssssssssss! Mark out a long wiggly line 30 metres long in your classroom, and get everyone to donate their 2p pieces to complete the money snake.

Board gaming

Everyone brings in their favourite board game and pays £1 to take part. You can either play in teams or individually.


Get your dancing shoes on and hold a disco in your school or college hall. Each pupil can bring in a CD or you might want to hire a DJ. To keep costs down, you could make your own decorations for the hall as well as prepare the party food.

School idol

Like singing? Then why not hold a karaoke event, Pop Idol style? The teachers can be the judges and the pupils the performers, or vice versa! You can charge friends and family an entry fee to watch the competition.

International food evening

Enjoy a night of eating cuisines from around the world. Every pupil cooks a dish from a country of their choice then the food is sold at this great event. Teachers and parents can help pupils make the dishes.

You might wish to put all the recipes together in a book which can also be sold at the event. Try to get the photocopying of the book donated by local businesses.

Variety night

Have an evening of chuckles and songs by putting on a variety performance. You could also have dancers, magicians and ventriloquists. The audience pay a fee to watch.

Film show

Spend an afternoon watching your favourite films on DVD or video. Each pupil pays £1 to attend.

Art exhibition

Are you a budding Picasso or fancy yourself as the next Tracey Emin? Then get out those pencils and start drawing! The artwork can be sold on the evening of the exhibition. Guests should also be charged an entry fee.

Pupils v teachers

Hold a quiz morning where pupils pit their knowledge against their teachers. You can choose any subject to quiz people on.

Jumble sale

Always a popular choice. Get as many people as you can to donate things they no longer need which can be sold at the sale. You can sell books, comics, toys and other bric-a-brac.

Sports tournament

Round up a couple of mates for a five-a-side football competition. Each member pays a fee to take part and spectators also pay to watch. If footie’s not your thing, then perhaps you’d like to hold a swimming, tennis, netball, basketball or rounders tournament.

Non-uniform day

Quick and easy to organise – pupils pay £1 for the privilege of not wearing their uniform for the day.

Beat the goalie

Pick the best football goalie in your school or college and invite your classmates to try and score a goal for a prize. Each participant has to pay to play.

Treasure hunt

Hold a treasure hunt around your school. Teachers should decide what the treasure will be. Pupils pay £1 to take part.


Up for a challenge?

Get sponsored to see how long you can wiggle a hula-hoop, do keepy-uppies, juggle balls or anything else that’s a bit of a challenge.

Cut it out!

Get sponsored to give up TV for a week or part with your beloved PS2 or Xbox. Now it might be tough, but we dare you to give up all junk food for an entire month.

A helping hand

Get your relatives to sponsor you to help them out, for example with the vacuuming, washing the car, washing the dishes, walking the dog and with the food shopping.


The challenge is to read as many books as you can in a month. Get sponsored for each book you read.