Events At Work

Here are some fundraising ideas you can use to raise money for CTRT at work. This is by no means a definitive list, feel free to come up with ideas of your own. If you have a really good one, why not tell us and we’ll add it below!

Talk don’t type

Have a non-email day at work. Everyone pays a fee to take part, and pays another fee if they break the rules.

Walk don’t ride

Sir, step away from the lift! If you work in a high rise building, introduce a ‘lift toll’ for a day and charge everyone £2 each time they take the lift.

Step back in time

Go back to the 80s or 70s or even the 60s by coming to work in clothes that defined these colourful decades. Perhaps you were a New Romantic or a Flower Child. Everyone pays £2 to take part.

Famous for a day

All your colleagues put the names of their favourite celebrities into a hat and pay to pick a name. You really have to try to be the person you select, for example, by adopting their mannerisms.

Karaoke mayhem

Show your colleagues what a good singer you are (or not!) by taking to the mic for an afternoon of karaoke singing. Maybe a friend has a machine you can borrow or perhaps you could hire one for the day. Participants and spectators pay a fee to join in.

Office dares

Get sponsored to get a particular word or phrase into a report or meeting. For example, the words can be taken from titles of famous songs or from the title of your favourite TV show.

Who’s the baby?

Get everyone to bring in a photo of themselves as babies, then charge people £2 to guess their identities.

Give it up

Get sponsored to give up coffee for a month and to stay away from the staffroom vending machine.

Comedy hour

Have your colleagues howling with laughter by holding a comedy stand-up show during your lunch hour. Charge people to attend.

Skill auction

Offer your skills and services to the highest bidder. You could offer to fetch your colleague’s lunch, tidy their desk and do their filing.

Ugly tie competition

Get all the males in the office to bring in the ugliest tie that they own then everyone pays a fee to vote for the worst. The winner of the most horrible tie receives a prize.


Hold a sweepstake for the Grand National, Wimbledon, football matches and other major events.

Collect it

Take a collection box around the office or leave it at reception.

Sports battle

Organise a knockout sports tournament in your local park, be it football, tennis, frisbee or rounders. You can compete with other departments in your company. Everyone who takes part or watches the match pays a fee.

Run for cash

Get active and get sponsored by taking part in one of our running events. There are a number of races you can participate in, in the UK and abroad. Find out more by visiting our Running website.

Office Olympics

On your marks, get set, and see if you’ll be crowned the Olympic champion of your office. Have a race across your department, play hunt the hole puncher or try your hand at a bit of arm-wrestling with your boss. Make your medals to keep costs down.
Old favourites

Have a picnic

Spend your lunchtime in your local park with a delicious picnic. Everyone brings along a treat of their choice and pays a fee to join in.

Bring and buy sale

Get everyone to sell their unwanted but good quality items to raise money for our research. You can sell anything from books to jewellery.

Social fun

Raise money for us at your next office social. Why not get a few teams together and go bowling, ice-skating or paintballing?

Job swap

Get sponsored to do a colleague’s job and they can get sponsored to do yours.

A quiz question

Don’t remember who shot Phil Mitchell? Well ask one of your colleagues by organising a soap quiz. If you consider yourself a movie or a music buff, then why not hold film or a pop quiz? A general knowledge quiz also goes down well.